The Dragon Dream Team is open to any breast cancer survivor in northeastern Ohio.
No particular level of fitness or previous paddling experience is necessary.
Dragon Dream Team members come from every walk of life and represent all types
and ages of breast cancer survivors. Some are newly diagnosed; others are long term survivors.

Why Do We Paddle?

We paddle for health and well being. We paddle for friendship and fun. We paddle to enjoy the
serenity of the beautiful Portage Lakes while we enjoy the support and caring of our fellow
paddlers. Join us to find out how the Dragon Dream Team and a 40-ft. boat can be part
of your new active life after breast cancer.


Our paddling season runs from April through October, but our season of camaraderie
never really ends. The team meets regularly for social, fundraising, and breast cancer
outreach events throughout the year.
"The Dragon Dream Team saved my life. I am so blessed to be a part of this boatload of sisters! The paddling and the love and support of my teammates has helped me to live again, laugh again and thrive!" Juanita C.
"The Dragon Dream Team is a "family of sisters" ready to pick you up and carry you on their shoulders whenever needed. It is amazing how a group of such diversified women come together for one purpose..."living the good life after breast cancer!" Connie D.
"As we start our 10th year, it still feels like a new beginning when we get back on the water each spring. It’s great fun to meet with old teammates and getting to know the new ones. Dragon boating is not about a diagnosis; it’s about living life with others in the same boat!" Pat T.